Piano Tiles 2 is the best game you ever played

No matter, nevertheless: These strangely addicting, easy games keep you playing on.

The hottest game that’s driving smartphone gamers nuts? It’s near the top of the graphs that are iTunes, and it brings a fresh element to the music genre: music.

Accessible on iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones (still recorded under the name Do’t Exploit The White Tile in the Play store), Piano tiles 3 reminds us of a stripped-down version of Dance Dance Revolution or Guitar Hero. Each key represents another note in a tune. The thing is to harness only the black keys, and the black keys, in order, as quickly as possible. Accidentally patting on a white key will lead to a game over. Falling too far behind in the sequence will also get you ousted.

Piano Tiles
Tapping through the board at the right pace will compose a song. Pachelbel’s Canon and Beethoven’s Für Elise were a couple of tunes within the game that we could identify.

Apart from Arcade mode, Piano Tiles offers Classic, which presents a set variety of tiles which you race against the clock and Zen, in which you’re given several seconds to harness as many tiles as possible. Relay is and Rush is a variation on Arcade mode that measures black tiles cleared per second.

Each gaming style also has problem modifiers, in case you need to make things more difficult on yourself.

What’s that? Well, you’re welcome to join the affray.

Similar to what we saw at the height of this winter’s Flappy Bird craze, Twitter timelines everywhere are filling with the gripes of gamers who are cursing up and down at Piano Tiles (including some in language that we ca’t post here).